Joshua Rogan

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Born November 22nd, 1992 in Scranton Pennsylvania.

November 22nd 1992

Graduated High School

Graduated West Scranton High School class of 2011

June 2011

University of Scranton

Attended University of Scranton as a Computer Science Major

August 2011

Residential Consultant

First technical job as a Residential Consultant at the University of Scranton. Residential Consultants are students who are selected to assist in supporting Residential Networking at the University of Scranton.

September 2011


Joined the University of Scranton's Ultimate club.

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Technical Consultant

Began working as a technical consultant for the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence at the University of Scranton, working in fostering student learning, faculty enrichment, instructional design, and the use of technology. Highly skilled, technology savvy, self-driven, reliable and able to work independently as well as in a team environment.

January 2012

University of Pittsburgh

Transfered to the University of Pittsburgh still as a Computer Science Major

August 2013

Professional Disc Golf Association

Joined the Professional Disc Golf Association

When I am not working on developing applications you can usually find me on a disc golf course! I love being outdoors and competing. Disc Golf combines these two passions and is the reason I play year round in the heat, cold, rain or snow. Tournaments are played year round from singles events, doubles events to weekly leagues. If you haven’t played before I highly recommend it!

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Human Genetics

Started development of Population Genetics Simulator at the University of Pittsburgh as a tool for online genetics education and research. This tool helps to solve the urgent need for great "genomics literacy" of professionals across disciples.

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Pitt Quantum Repository

Started development of the Pitt Quantum Repository at the University of Pittsburgh to give users instant access to a large database of molecular properties computed from quantum mechanics, saving on the time necessary to repeat the same calculations over and over again. PQR makes it particularly easy to share a 3D rendition of molecular structures and properties for research, collaboration, and classes. .

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Graduated University of Pittsburgh

Graduated the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelors in computer science.

August 2015

Fireman Creative

Began working at Fireman Creative as a full-stack developer.

July 2015